S. No. Name of Faculty Department Designation Qualification Essential Qualification Aadhaar Card No. Complete Resume Pay Scale Bank Details of Salary account
Name of Bank Address Account Number
1 Amanpreet Kaur MBA AP PH.d,MBA MBA 723809453570 Cleck Here   OBC SSIET, Derabassi 52402151002163
2 Jasleen Kaur MBA AP MBA, MBA 214340936022 Click Here   OBC SSIET, Derabassi 52402191012719
3 Deepika Bhatia MBA AP MBA, BA MBA 255840555537 Click Here   OBC SSIET, Derabassi 52402191023184
4 Jaspreet Kaur MBA AP PH.d, MBA MBA   Click Here       Cash
5 Nomita Dey Commerce AP M.Com 997789234140 Click Here   IOB Derabassi 173701000004328
6 Sandeep Kaur Commerce AP, MBA M.Ccom   Click Here   IOB Derabassi 173701000003182
7 Rajwinder Kaur Commerce Lecturer 816613241386 Click Here   IOB Derabassi 173701000004363
8 Kirti Singh MLS AP MLS MLS 350818195806 Click Here   IOB Derabassi 173701000003328
9 Ritu Nanda MLS AP MSC MLS 575329207438 Click Here   IOB Derabassi 173701000004361
10 Parvinder Kaur HMCT AP HMCT HMCT 239886864338 Click Here   IOB Derabassi 173701000003155
11 Preetika Sharma HMCT AP BHMCT BHMCT 435540834589 Click Here   IOB Derabassi 173701000004332
12 Bhanu Priya FD/TD Lectyrer FT FT 406346494239 Click Here       Cash
13 Rupinderjit Kaur FD/TD Lectyrer BA, Diploma FT 940911870988 Click Here       Cash
14 Arshpreet Kaur FD Lectyrer FT FT 212916641221 Click Here       Cash
15 Harinderjit Kaur FT Lectyrer FT FT   Click Here       Cash
16 Harpreetr Kaur FD/TD Lectyrer PGD FT FT   Click Here       Cash